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Replace your worn out keyboard letters with quality English Labels.
 Available in
Regular and Large size fonts.
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Protective Covers Clear Protective Covers: Keyboard, Laptop, Mouse, Keypad, and Telephone
Durable, high quality clear protective covers for keyboards, laptops, keypads, mice and desk telephones slip on to provide durable protection from spills, dust, moisture, germs, and other contaminants. We also carry opaque keyboard typing covers that cover keys for lessons in keyboarding classes.

 keyboard covers

genovation keypads

1x genovation keycaps 2x genovation keycaps
Genovation Keycaps

Genovation Keypads
We sell a complete line of Genovation keypads. These keypads are known for their high quality, durability and adaptability. Select from fully programmable keypads, non-programmable keypads, or a customizable keypad that may feature custom color coded keys, labels, or optional features. We also supply Genovation keycaps with clear covers in single-wide (1X) and double-wide (2X) sizes to fit your Genovation keypads.

 genovation keypads genovation keypads 

language labels Language Label Stickers
We manufacture and distribute durable, high quality keyboard labels to convert your keyboard to a bilingual keyboard. Keyboard labels provide economical solutions for typing in different languages. 

language stickers language labels 

keyboard stickers
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language keyboards

Language Keyboards
Our high quality language keyboards are an economical solution to typing in a range of different languages. We have language keyboards for Arabic, French (AZERTY), German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Persian, Farsi, Portuguese (Portugual), Russian, Spanish and Thai Kedmanee.

 language keyboards language keyboards

Custom Keyboards

Custom Products
Smart Keyboard Solutions offers a multitude of individual Custom Solutions for computing needs including printing custom label stickers primarily for keyboards. We offer key printing, full keyboard customization with color keys and printing custom logo labels, face plates, commands and more.

Our custom specialties are:


Smart Keyboard Solutions only sells new products.
We do not sell refurbished or used products of any type.

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