KB-IKB88 Waterproof Keyboards

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Black silicone waterproof and washable keyboard

Solidtek KB-IKB88


The KB-IKB88 silicone keyboard is a rugged, industrial quality keyboard manufactured with waterproof silicone construction in a small laptop style layout. The small keyboard footprint makes the keyboard ideal installations where space is limited and moisture or cleaning is required, such as hospital equipment carts or other medical applications.

The keyboard features rigid silicone construction that makes it completely waterproof; it can be immersed in water for cleaning. The keyboard is not a flimsy, roll-up style keyboard.


  • Features a laptop style keyboard layout for a small footprint. Idea of installations where space is limited.

  • A rugged silicone construction makes the keyboard completely waterproof and immersible.

  • Rubberized silicone surface provides comfortable typing surface.

  • Connector: USB

  • Key layout: 86 keys plus function keys and control keys

  • Dimensions (approximate): 10-3/4" (272mm) L x 5-1/3" (135mm) W x 1/2" (12mm) H

  • Net weight: 1.5 lbs (680 g)

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Price: $59.95