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     The Coronavirus has people in a panic. But as long as you take basic precautions you are almost guaranteed to be fine. The Coronavirus is spread the same way a standard flu is spread. Through germs that we come into contact with. Whether its through people sneezing, coughing, or wiping germs from their hands onto items you are touching.

     That is where keyboard covers come into play. By using a keyboard cover you keep germs away from your actual keyboard. You can use any disinfectant wipes you want on the covers and even spray them down with standard cleaners that would normally cause problems with using on your keyboard.

     Another option is to use a washable keyboard. With a washable keyboard you can spray them down or use clorox wipes on them to kill the germs without damaging the keyboard. You can find our selection of waterproof keyboards here :

     By taking these types of safety measures you can minimize your risk of catching any virus. Including the common cold, the flu, or even the Coronavirus.

     And don't forget to wash your hands!


     Why do you need a keyboard or laptop cover? It's simple really... noone is perfect. Accidents happen all the time. You're taking a sip of your coffee when you accidentally burn your lip, causing you to spill it all over the keyboard. Or your kid has decided he wanted to watch Youtube videos while eating a bowl of cereal. Something makes him laugh and next thing you know, you have Fruity Pebbles in your keyboard.
Spilled on keyboard

     Keyboards can be pretty pricey and laptops can cost thousands of dollars. Noone can argue that spending 15 dollars today to save hundreds or thousands of dollars later is a bad investment. In fact, some might say it's crazy not to. Consider it insurance for your computer. Your computer is most likely a very important part of your life so protect it like it is.

     That is not even considering the number of keyboards and laptops used in businesses. Imagine having a couple dozen keyboards being used in a setting where people are using them for 8 hours every day. Think about how many drinks and snacks are eaten right there at the computer. It is just a matter of time before something is spilled on them. That can cost the company money in replacement hardware and lost production while they try to clean it or while they wait for a replacement keyboard. Be proactive instead of reactive and protect the hardware before something happens.

     You can find thousands of different covers right here on and if you don't find what you are looking for send us an email and we will try our hardest to help you.