IKB98 Waterproof Backlit Keyboard

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IKB98BL Waterproof Backlit Keyboard


The IKB98BL keyboard features a fully washable silicone structure with LED lighting for evenly distributed backlighting for every key. Its rubberized surface adds extra comfort while typing. This keyboard is perfect for situations where you need a sturdy keyboard that is dirt, dust, and liquid proof. If you need a little extra help seeing the backlighting is there to help and the touchpad will work even with latex gloves on.
IKB98BL backlit waterproof keyboard  
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Price: $78.95     


  • LED backlit keys
  • IP68 certified for use in harsh conditions
  • Highly dust and liquid resistant
  • Easily cleaned using any standard cleaning product
  • Touchpad will work even with latex gloves on
  • Backlight has its own on and off switch
  • USB connection
  • 106 keys plus 12 function keys
  • This is a new product. This is not a refurbished or used keyboard

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